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Maintenance and precautions of air exchange aging testing machine

 Maintenance and precautions of air exchange aging testing machine

The aging test machine is used to test wires, cables, insulators or coated rubber pieces to compare the tensile strength and elongation before and after aging.The rebreather aging test chamber adopts hot air circulation to promote the aging of the test piece. The inner chamber is highly airtight. It is equipped with air extraction device for the inner chamber and automatic overtemperature cutting protection device.Today I will tell you about the maintenance of this machine and the matters needing attention.

1. This aging machine is designed and manufactured for continuous use and shall be checked once a month.

2. Special persons shall be responsible for the care of the equipment when using it. After the test, the external power supply of the equipment shall be cut off.

3. It should not be too close when the test product is built in the equipment studio, so as to affect the normal flow of airflow in the working room and cause the test failure.When placing the test product, do not put the test product and your hand into the protective fence of the wind blade in the workshop to avoid injury accidents.

4. Do not place test products at the bottom of the studio.

5. Do not disassemble and install electrical components and equipment parts at will, so as to avoid damage to electrical control lines and equipment caused by human accident and its performance and normal operation.When the door lock, do not hard door pull, in case of damage door lock device.

6. When the equipment is put on hold for a long time or restored to use, it should be started up for a period of time without load (more than 8 hours for zui, during which the machine will be opened and shut down for 2-3 times). After the equipment is in normal operation, the test products should be placed for testing, so as to eliminate possible production faults in operation, loading, unloading and storage, and avoid the so-called loss in the test.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use this equipment to dry inflammable, explosive and volatile articles.

8. Leave a space beyond 1m around the equipment to avoid affecting the heat dissipation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

9. Dust and other dirt shall not be deposited on the fan and radiator fan to avoid affecting its normal operation.

10, after the end of each test, should be carried out cleaning work, the work room test rotating plate (shelf) on the residual, dirt wipe, in order to facilitate the next smooth use.

11. When cleaning the outer surface of the equipment, apply neutral detergent to scrub, then wipe with clean water, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

12. During equipment maintenance, please cut off the external power supply to prevent electric shock.