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The temperature setting of the double roll mill

The temperature setting of the double roll mill

What are the skills of setting the temperature of the double roll mill?

Double roll mixing mill also known as the color press,  specializing in production, mainly used in the plastic industry or wire and cable industry press plate color, in the process of pressing samples need to set a certain temperature, the temperature setting has certain skills, the following:

1) please read the manual for the first time when the double-roller mixer is used. What is emphasized here is the equipment problem of temperature: for example, the required temperature is 200 ° c, and the starting temperature is set to 200 ° c. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this.But I would like to introduce you here is the section setting method: the temperature to set a section, so that the stability is faster.

2) how to set the temperature of the mixing mill machine section by section?First of all, we have to know much more pressure of the melting point of the products is high, such as 200 degrees can soften, so we must set is first to 120 degrees, due to the double roller mixing mill speed is faster, a few minutes can be up to 120 degrees, when nearly reached 120 degrees, we add 50 degrees, also went to 170 degrees, when up to 170 degrees, we can directly increase to 200 degrees, is divided into three period of set temperature, such as temperature rose to 200 degrees, they quickly identified.This also reduces the heating time and improves the efficiency.