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Principle of oxygen index tester

Principle of oxygen index tester

The specified value of oxygen index tester is the basis of the test.Such tests are based on repeated experiments in a large number of laboratories in several countries.The oxygen index tester of different materials is measured according to different standards.At present, there are three national standards on the plastic, textile and glass fiber reinforced plastic materials of the oxygen index tester experiments have made provisions.

In the process of sample combustion, observe the combustion of the sample. If the sample burns more than 180s or 50mm, it indicates that the oxygen concentration is too high and must be reduced.If the sample is extinguished before 180s or 50mm, the oxygen concentration must be increased.The volumetric percentage concentration of oxygen must be measured when the sample is extinguished exactly at 180s or 50mm.And you do it three times, and you take the average of the three times.