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What are the characteristics of torsion testing machine

What are the characteristics of torsion testing machine?

Torsion test is one of the basic test methods for testing mechanical properties of materials.Torsion testing machine can measure the strength and plasticity of brittle materials and plastic materials, for the manufacture of parts often withstand torque, such as shaft, spring and other materials often need to conduct torsion test.The equipment is widely used in: mobile phone communication, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, electronic components, computer spare parts manufacturing, medical, food, packaging, printing and other industries.

Main features of this product:

1. With functions such as limit, automatic overload protection and automatic stop, etc., the upper and lower limit of the test can be input, and the machine will stop automatically if the specification is exceeded;

2. The testing software is developed by the company's engineers, and users can customize the testing and testing equipment;

3. All test parameters can be set and completed on the computer, which can be used to store (torque curve and test report) and print graphics;

4. Can directly test the change of torque value of each Angle;

5. The machine is driven by imported servo motor, precision reducer, high-precision lead screw, smooth transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide range of speed regulation, long service life;

6. Real-time display of test force, peak value, displacement, speed, test state, etc.