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The innovation and development of the mixing mill

The innovation and development of the mixing mill

The mixing mill is mainly used for color matching or testing of pressed sheet in plastics industry.

Due to the progress and development of the plastics industry, there are relatively strict requirements in color matching and raw materials, which has produced a double-roll mill, but the traditional it has not been able to keep up with the current plastic industry development needs, then we must put the press on the color of the mill innovation and development;Innovation is creation, that is, the common old through unusual synthesis, core thinking, divergent thinking, the scattered ideas induction molding, the existence of different disciplines linked together, to form the cornerstone of innovation.

Of course, innovation is not an easy thing, we must improve the things we do every day, is innovation;Cycle of the formation of a batch of products must be controlled in the shortest possible time, from the tablet plate to production, should be done with a fast, this is one of the more strict to the requirement of mixing mill, from temperature to suppress the sample must be controlled in the best time, do not delay production, it must be innovative, in the machine get out of the way of innovation and development are the trend of The Times, so for it to heat up rate reduced from half a clock to a few minutes to complete, it must be innovative in terms of temperature control, and speed of the compressor, it must be in temperature on the stability of the innovation, the two aspects of innovation and development is the growth and development of plastic industry.