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Operation instructions for cross-linking cable slicer

Operation instructions for cross-linking cable slicer

1. Operators shall be trained by relevant departments or enterprises.Operation permit is required before operation. 

2. In the production site, sample shall be cut out according to the test method standard and relevant data of the sample shall be marked.Relevant information such as specification, production date or batch number. 

3. Check whether the cross-linking cable slicer is running normally.Whether the travel limit at both ends is sensitive and reliable. 

4. Adjust the exposed height of the slicing blade.Check the fastening bolts on all parts of the moving pallet for looseness.Add proper amount of lubricating oil to each transmission part and friction surface. 

5. The clamping height of the sample is selected according to its diameter.Ensure that the height of the sample is higher than the height of the chuck.Prevent the cutting knife from colliding with the upper part of the clip.Damage to the blade

6. The thickness of the test piece should be adjusted appropriately. It is forbidden to rub the cutting edge with the metal conductor of the cross-linked cable, otherwise the cutting edge will be damaged. 

7. After use, clean the machine, add lubricating oil and cut off the main power supply.