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Burning testing machine

  • Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester
Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester

Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester

  • Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester
  • Product description: Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester

XL-DN-1Single Wire and Cable Vertical Burning Tester

Test standards:GB/T18380.11-2008、GB/T18380.12-2008、GB/T18380.21-2008,GB/T18380.22-2008、IEC60332-1、GB/T5169.14-2007 and other standard specification for the simulation of a single wire and cable combustion performance safety test project.

Application range: it is suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tool electrical appliances, motor, electric tools, electronic instruments, electrical instrumentation, electrical fittings and accessories such as electrical and electronic products and its component parts in the research, production and QC department.  

1. the machine adopts the size of the Bunsen burner (Bunsen buner) and a specific source of gas (propane), according to certain flame height and in vertical state in the view of certain fire try timing combustion, the sample (s) for the duration of the fire, burning and burning length, etc. To assess the flammability and fire risk.

2. The test method specified in GB/T18380.1 is applicable to the specifications of the conductor diameter greater than 8mm or the sectional area larger than 0.5 mm2. Because some of its small specifications may be melted during the fire.

    GB/T18380.2 standard test method for when the test method of GB/T18380.1 provision does not apply, such as some small size conductor may during for the fire to melt, can adopt the method of GB/T18380.2 standards for fine wire insulation under the condition of the flame combustion experiment was carried out. The recommended application ranges from 0.4-0.8mm in diameter of solid copper conductor to 0.1 ~ 0.5 mm2.

Technical parameters: 

1.burner:inner diameterΦ12mm ± 0.5mm or inner diameterΦ9.5mm ± 0.5mm 2.test angle:45°

3.flame height:20mm± 2mm to 190mm±1mm,adjustable     4.timer: 0-999.9s±0.1s,adjustable

5.Duration: 0-999.9 s + 0.1s, automatic recording, manual timeout

6.Combustion gas: : 95% propane gas (usually replaced by LPG)

7. Flow pressure: double flow meter and pressure gauge (gas and air)

8, temperature range: from 100 ℃ + 5 ℃ to 700 ℃ + 3 ℃ within 45 seconds + 5 seconds

10, temperature measuring thermal couple: 0.5 mm Φ import armored thermal couple type (K)

11. Test procedure: automatic control of test procedure and no independent drawing

12. Box material: stainless steel 

13. Studio size: 300x450x1200mm (0.15m3) without studio door

14.  dimensions: 600mm (width) x 450mm (depth) x 1450mm